Save Nezuko

In order to cure the demon curse on Ethzuko. $NEZUKO holders are forced to endure the GWEI army through fierce battles to find the cure.

Once Nezuko is saved, the NFT marketplace and Anime Staking platform can be created.

Save Nezuko by joining the Demon Slayer Inu Force!

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Slayer Map

Phase 1

✔️CoinGecko Listing

✔️Dextool Trending

✔️CMS #1 Post

Phase 2

Nezuko Merchandise Shop

CoinMarketCap Listing


Phase 3

Nezuko Generative NFTs

Waifu Staking

Nezuko's Doujinshi Creator/Platform

Nezuko Tokenomics

3% Reward Distribution
5% Marketing Fee
2% Liquidity Fee